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News from the Summer Term

Ms. Lucas’ 3rd Class

Our class have been doing lots of fun activities which we would like to share with you.

In art we studied the artist Vincent van Gogh and his picture starry night and making our own version, we also made stain glass windows for religion we have been busy making pottery, cupcake flowers, boomerangs, dot paintings in the shape of a flower and also optical illusions.

In P.E we have been busy doing GAA with Paul and have played some exciting games of rounders against Ms. McGraths class. Our class has also been doing lots of laps around the yard as part of Run Around Ireland Challenge and to improve our fitness.

There has been a lot of project work this term where we have explored Australia, Tom Crean the arctic explorer and also we each chose a famous person to find out about and share with our class.

In history we also leant about our town and went for a historical walk which was interesting.In science we learnt about the human body and how it works.

Our school tour was to Red Hills, and we had a great day doing all the activities.

Ms. Heney’s 3rd Class

They did projects about different Countries along with pop art, boomerang, marathon and athletics. They also learned about Tom Crean and car registration. They are reading a novel called ‘The Butterfly Lion’. They won the athletics line. They all got the chance to watch a movie with popcorn. Last week they all went on a bus to Redhills Adventure for the 3rdclass school tour.

Ms. Murphy’s 4th Class

We had a great day out on our school tour to Redhill’s and would love to go back there one day! Our favourite activity was paintball. We went to the library and it was great to be back again. We have been very busy doing hand art-drawing pictures for example of giraffes, cactus, and dogs. We made dream catcher using paper plates, string feathers, glue and markers. They look great and we will be taking them home soon. We had great fun visiting the local playground, it was a lovely trip out and loads of fun being there with all our classmates.

In English we made different types of brochures for summer camps that we would love to go on. They had to include the price, different activities, age, lunch, times etc. We are loving our walk and talks and now we help the tidy towns with our litter picking! One afternoon the student council played a whole school game of Disney Bing, there were lots of prizes and everyone had a good time.

Ms. Nugent’s 4th Class

We went on tour to Redhill adventure park we had a great day. Our favourite activities were go carting and paint ball. The weather was great, and we had a picnic lunch. Library visits – we are back to visiting the library and we are having fun choosing our books. Eoin O’Connor the Irish artist has been our inspiration in creating pictures based on cows. We had great fun playing Disney Bingo and Kate enjoyed presenting the show on the school airwaves. We were busy helping the tidy towns to do a walk and talk with the litter pickers, we found lots of rubbish and it’s great to help keep the town tidy. We were busy last week making Father’s Day cards. We had great fun on Active week and really enjoyed sports day.

Ms. McNamara’s 4th class

Rubbish Pickup- on our last walk and talk we went litter picking to help keep the town tidy. The Blessington tidy towns committee sent in 30 litter pickers to use. It was a busy day and we found lots of plastic bottles, wrappers and even a wrestling glove. We filled half a bag of recycling and half a bag of general waste. Our teacher took a photo which was sent to the tidy towns, they are really pleased with our hard work. Library – We are so happy to be back visiting the library, lots of people are enjoying it and are picking lots of books. Some favourites are Horrid Henry Horrible Histories; Murder Most Unladylike; Dragon girls and nature books. Our class loves to read both fact and fiction books. This term in history we have been learning about the 18th century and how the rich and poor lived in this era. The poor people were mainly Catholic and were forced to work under Penal Laws. The Rich people, the landlords made the farmers pay very expensive rents and did not treat their tenants very well. Native Americans- recently we have been learning about the Native Americans and about the different tribes like the Sioux and Apache and how each tribe also had their own language. We also learnt the difference between settled and nomad. With nomad meaning moving around. In art we have made dream catchers and linking in with our work on Native Americans we have made TP’s out of paper and straws also. We have been playing rounders, bench ball, handball, and dodgeball. On the yard we have also been doing soccer, basketball, and football. On our school tour we went to Redhill adventure in Kildare we had a great day out we did lots of different activities such as paintball archery and go karts. Paintball was the one we all enjoyed the most. A big thanks to the teachers for organising such a fun day.

Ms. Steedman’s 5th Class

We had a visitor from the Department of Education – the dreaded inspector! What are the chances? Actually 2 in 13! After we got over our initial shock we took the opportunity to show what a super class we are. We liked that she took the time to talk to us, even though we were nervous. In the end she was really impressed with us! Thank God for Ms Steedman!

It was great to get out of the classroom and learn from Patrick Hunt. He told us never leave your car under a sycamore tree. Aphids that feed on the leaves secrete a sticky substance that drops onto your car and it removes the paint! After our session with Patrick we had our lunch by the lake and skimmed stones.

We continue to be fabulous at Heardle, wordle, flaggle worldle and global – although it is a bit more difficult now that Aidan our geography expert has gone on holidays! Very soon we will be winning the tallest sunflower competition.

By far our favourite activity on Athletics Day was the hurdles. Liam was the champion. We were all sore the next day! We hammered Ms. Gilligan’s class at Rounders. We all had a great laugh when Ms. Gilligan decided to run in the opposite direction around the pitch. Unfortunately, the boys were hammered in our GAA Blitz in Baltinglass. But luckily for us we took our defeat on the chin. There was plenty of singing on the bus on the way home.

Ms. Heraghty’s 5th Class

This year has gone by so fast, and we are already finishing our last term in 5th class!

This term we have been very busy. Firstly, we did many projects, learnt about the countries in the EU with each of us getting a different country and then showing them and displaying them to the classes, which was great fun. We learnt about our local history and did big timelines in groups. We also constructed important landmarks in our town such as the Downshire monument, the Credit union building and the Toll house and constructed them out of Lego, clay, and cardboard.

We had great fun when we had our athletics day and really enjoyed activities like the long run, hurdles, sprints and tug of war. After that it was time to pack our bags and go for a walk at the Aon Ri. It was a nature walk and our guide told us many interesting about the wildlife in our town. We learnt a lot!

A few weeks ago we had great fun listening to Disney songs coming from the school intercom and playing Disney’s Musical Bingo. A few days ago, we made some beautiful summer inspired pointillism art and the finished pieces look amazing. As the weather has been quite nice lately, we have had the pleasure of playing outside more often and enjoying the sunshine.

The whole class was buzzing with excitement, and we went to Clara Lara last Thursday for our school tour.

It has been amazing to have an entire school year after lockdown.

We would like to say it has been an absolute pleasure to be in Ms. Heraghty’s 5th this term and year.

Ms. Nugent’s 5th Class

During the period of time between Easter and now, Ms. Nugent`s 5th class has done lots of projects, for example European countries. When we had our projects completed, other classes came to see them and we presented them to the other classes. Another project we did was on Blessington. For this project we brought in our devices to school to help us research our projects. We also did a sculpting/construction project where we had to sculpt a certain monument in the village. We made lots of models of buildings in the town. We walked up to the village with Ms. Heraghty`s class, to take photos of what we were sculpting. 

We went on a nature walk in the Avon Ri with Patrick from Heritage Ireland. He taught us about different types of trees, flowers and birds. We planted sunflowers at the start of Summer and we are watching them grow. We started going to the library which everyone enjoyed. Now because Covid restrictions are lifted we can go to different classrooms when the teacher is out, our class strangely enjoys it. We finished our stay safe. We are learning about debating. Our current debate topic is whether Ireland should host the Olympics or not? We are all looking forward to our school tour on Wednesday. We lost someone in our class this year when Alexander left us. It was very sad and we all miss him, but on the bright side we had a party. 

Ms Murphy’s 6th Class

We have had a busy time in Ms Murphy’s 6th class this term. We all took part in doing a marathon and it was great fun cheering each other on we also got medals and ice pops. Students who will be attending Blessington Community college got the chance to go down for an induction day to meet staff, take part in activities and see the school. The students who did not go got ice cream from Bella cream.

We had our confirmation on Thursday the 22nd it was a nice day celebrating it with our parents and families. Our school tour was fantastic we went to Tayto Park and went on all the rides such as Cu Cullen, flight school, Rotator and Dino Dash.

Our last day I School is Tuesday the 28th and we will be having our graduation ceremony that night, we will be sad to go but excited for what is ahead!

Ms. Kenny’s 6th Class

After Easter we did a lot of Art. We visited the Sisters of Mercy and Matt Talbot’s tomb on our retreat with Deacon Gerry. We had our Confirmation on May 26th at 12:30. We all had a lovely day. We also had an athletics day and walk and talks. The girls in our class took part in ‘Teach our Teacher’. They taught us all how to decorate cupcakes which were yummy.  We took part in a soccer blitz thanks to Ms. Murphy. The sixth classes went on their tour to Tayto Park. We are preparing for our Graduation on Tuesday night. 

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