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Active Schools Flag

Active School Flag 2021/22

Active Flag Committee

Introducing our new committee

Ms. Heney’s 3rd class- Leo Noonan & Sadie Webb

Ms. Lucas’ 3rd class- Daniel Flynn & Quinn Benson

Ms. McGrath’s 3rd class- Olly McDonald & Ellie Mulhall

Ms. Murphy’s 4th class- Conor Magee & Cara O’ Reilly

Ms. Beaubien’s  4th class- Chloe Clarke & Kai Gorman

Ms. Nugent’s 4th class – Ava Neilan & Alexander Jambres

Ms. Gilligan’s 5th class-  Rían Elliott & Zach Geoghegan 

Mr. Broderick’s 5th class- Rhys Fitz- Henry & Méabh Daly

Ms Heraghty’s 5th class – David Healy & Ethan Conroy

Ms. Nugent’s 5th class – Sophie Fagan & Kyle Kinane

Ms. Kenny’s 6th class- Zinnia Gupta & Ruby White

Mr. Forde’s 6th class- Jayden Moran & Erin Long

Ms. Murphy’s 6th class- Ali Fiaz & Sophia Hayes


As another active year at St. Mary’s gets off to a great start


Active School Flag 2020/21

We are once again working towards our Active School Flag. These are some of the activities and challenges we have engaged so far this school year. Have a look at our sports activities on our sports tab.

Our Active School Committee 2020/2021

Class representatives


  1. Cara King- Ms Murphy’s class
  2. Max Mooney- Ms Beaubien’s class
  3. Conal Conroy- Ms Nugent’s class
  4. Jamie Power- Ms Kenny’s class
  5. Cillian Taylor- Ms Lucas’ class
  6. Fiadh O’ Neill- Ms Heney’s Class
  7. Lewis Toolis – Mr Forde’s class
  8. Amy Nolan- Ms Murphy’s class
  9. Jamie Martin- Ms Feely’ s class
  10. Oísín Quigley- Ms Dineen’s class
  11. Tara Carey- Ms McGrath’s class
  12. Daniel Smith- Ms Nugent’s class
  13. Daniel King- Ms Heraghty’s class


Active Lines

Our Active leaders are once again busy putting everyone through their paces!


Active School Flag Slogan

We have been busy working on our Active school slogan. Well done to everyone for taking part.

Our winning slogan is- ” Dia Duit, Let’s get fit!



Active School Walkway

The walkway is set out in two sections which encompasses the grass and pathways of the school. The first section is mapped out along the pathways around the school and is  500m in length. This can be used even in wet weather during the autumn/winter months. The second section along the grass area is also 500m and can be used in drier weather.  Our active school walkway was launched on the 23rd of October this year.The launch was a great success and was held in conjunction with our Halloween week. Each class took turns to walk the designated route in their Halloween costumes. 

Some pictures to follow! 

The ASF committee launched our school walkway


Club Survey 

We carried out surveys of all the clubs that our pupils are members of.  Each ASF class member put  their class surveys into a graph and these are displayed on the ASF notice board. The club details are displayed on this notice board also.




Santa Dash

Our Santa Dash December 2020


The Daily Mile

We are delighted to announce that the school will be taking part in the Daily mile challenge in the months of  April, May & June. Thanks to Wicklow Sports Partnership for sending our custom made signs.

Photos to follow

Ms Lucas class getting set for the Daily mile

Ms Heney’s class in action  for the Daily mile

Ms McGrath’s class all ready to start the Daily mile challenge

Mr Forde’s class about to set out on the Daily mile challenge


The road to Tokyo 2021

Our school is taking part in the Dare to believe programme, following our Olympic athletes on their journey to Tokyo. So far we have four teams up and running, Legendary Leprechauns, Wicklow Warriors, Níos tapa níos airde níos láidre and Blesso blazers. Well done to all the boys and girls in supporting our Olympic heros.

The Legendary Leprechauns in action!

Raising the Active Flag 2021

Our Active Schools committee members raised the Active Flag each morning during Active week. They also received their leadership awards in recognition of all their hard work.

Active Week 2021

Ms Murphy’s 3rd class enjoying Active week and Sports Day 2021

Ms. Heraghty’s 6th class in action during Active week & Sports day 2021

Stars of the Scavenger Hunt 2021


Active School Flag 2019/20


We have been busy throughout the school year working towards our Active School Flag. These are some of the activities and challenges we have engaged in this school year. Have a look at our sports activities both in school and after school, on our sports tab.

But firstly let’s meet the team!


Our Active School Committee 2019/2020

Class representatives

  1. Jamie Power- Ms Gallagher’s class
  2. Cillian Taylor- Ms Heney’s class
  3. Lewis Toolis – Ms Gilligan’s class
  4. Amy Nolan- Ms Beaubien’s class
  5. Jamie Martin- Ms Morris’ class
  6. Oísín Quigley- Ms Kenny’s class
  7. Tara Carey- Ms McGrath’s class
  8. Daniel Smith- Ms Nugent’s class
  9. Daniel King- Ms Heraghty’s class
  10. Thomas Leitner- Ms Lucas’ class
  11. Jack Kinane- Ms Murphy’s class
  12. Leah Richardson- Ms Nugent’s class
  13. Sean McCudden- Mr Forde’s class


Teacher representatives

  1. Lisa Hogan
  2. Gillian Kenny
  3. Bernadette McGrath
  4. Geraldine Fleming


Playground Activities

Our school playground is zoned for different games and activities. We have tried to include a range of activities in order to cater for as many different interests as we can. Each class is given a class basketball and this can be played on the court nearest the wire fence. Every class is also given a sponge ball for soccer and this can be played on the other court area. Yard goals and cones are also used to help zone off this area. Class skipping ropes have been provided for all 3rd & 4h classes and these can be used on the area of the yard where the children line up each day. This area also has hop scotch, a map of Ireland and a compass. We plan to include a clock face in the coming weeks so that the children can play chasing games and this can be linked to maths activities during maths week in the future. We have displayed station activity posters in the windows nearest the PE hall, so that the children can do these during their break time, should they wish. Last year we introduced the Craze to break times. An area of the yard is zoned off and the children can take part in activities such as hola hooping, catch pads, bean bag games etc. This area is set up by our playground leaders, who are on hand to help with all yard activities. We hope to do this again in the coming weeks. We are extremely lucky in St. Marys SNS to have such large grass areas within our school grounds. We make great use of these especially at break times, during dry weather. The children bring foam rugby balls onto the grass at break times and play tag rugby. More often than not, chasing, dancing and running games take place too. All class teachers in 3rd & 4th classes have been given a copy of some suggested yard games. They have been introducing these to their classes as part of their PE lessons and encouraging the children to play these at break times. Some of the children are running laps of the yard as part of our Run around Europe challenge (see below). In all of this we try to ensure that the children get the most from their playtime and get a well-deserved break.


Active Lines

The children on the Active school committee have been putting everyone through their paces after each break. They have been performing a series of exercises and movements for their class to copy and keeping everyone active. These include- jogging on the spot, jumping jacks, squats, knee lifts, lunges and much more. It is a great way to keep everyone occupied and warm on cold days when they are standing in their lines. Well done to all the boys and girls.


Halloween Walk

Each year the pupils and staff of St. Marys take part in a Halloween walk around the town of Blessington. It takes place on the Friday before the Halloween midterm. This is a sponsored walk organised by the Parents Association, to raise much needed funds for our school. The duration of the walk is usually dependent on the weather on the day. Unfortunately, we had to change to plan B on the day and instead held a parade within the school.


Santa Dash

On Wednesday the 18th of December the whole school took part in a Santa Dash. All the pupils and staff wore Santa hats and everyone ran a lap of the school yard. It was a great way to get everybody up and active before the Christmas Festivities began.


60 minutes a day physical activity challenge

During the months of December and January each class took part in the 60-minute physical activity challenge. Each child calculated all the activities that they did each day over the course of a week. Some of these included: walking/cycling to and from school, traveling by scooter or skateboard, playing a sport during break times, walk while you talk, chasing, skipping, dancing or other playground games, doing station activities (posters are displayed on the windows of the building), active homework given by each class teacher, PE, afterschool sports, training with local teams/clubs.

This was a great success and got everyone thinking about how to increase their physical activity


Run around Europe

Each class has been doing laps of the playground at different times throughout the school day. We do this each year in preparation for our trials for Greystones Track & Field event. This year we have been encouraging everyone to track their laps and take part in the Run around Europe challenge. Some children have been doing extra laps at break times to top up their class scores. The children on the active school committee have been plotting their class progression on the Run around Europe challenge chart. Some of the places that the classes have reached are Vilnius Lithuania, Luxemburg and Bratislava Slovakia.

Active Week 2020

                     ACTIVE WEEK St. Mary’s S.N.S

(2nd – 5th June 2020) 


Spell your name P.E. 

A- 5 Jumping Jacks 

B- 5 Jumping Jacks 

C- 10 Jumps 

D- Hop on your right 


E- Hop on your left 


F- Crab walk for 10 


G- Do 5 sit ups 

H- 10 Mountain 


I- 5 Push ups 

J- 30 second high 


K- Kick your left foot 

as high as you can 

L- Kick your right foot as high as you can 

M- 5 Jumping Jacks 

N- 10 Jumps 

O- Hop on your right 


P- Hop on your left 


Q- Do 5 sit ups 

R- Do 10 Moutain 


S- Crab walk for 10 


T- 5 Push ups 

U- Kick your right foot as high as you can 

V- Kick your left foot 

as high as you can 

W- Run in place for 30 seconds 

X- Run with high 


Gratitude Scavenger Hunt in your House 

1. Find something that makes you happy. 

2. Find a flower to give to someone to 

make them smile. 

3. Find one thing you 

enjoy looking at. 

4. Find something 

that’s your favourite 


5. Find something you are thankful for in 


6. Find something that you can use to 

make a gift for 


20 minutes on your scooter/bike/flicker. 

Basketball in the 


Balloon tennis (use paper plates for 


Set up an 

obstacle course 

in your garden 

using toys and 

anything your 

parents allow 

you to use. 

Game of tag. 

P.E. with Joe (You Tube). 

Keepy Uppies 

using a football. 

Just dance for 


Gaelic Football 


Hula Hoops. 


Hide and seek 

Musical Chairs

Design a logo for St. 

Marys S.N.S. Active 

Schools Flag. 

Gardening – or helping in the garden. 

Be creative – make/bake an item. 

Wash the car. 

Dancing to your favourite song. 

Penalty shoot out against Mam or Dad. 

Table Tennis 

Game of 


in the garden.



Y- 5 push ups 

Z- 5 sit ups. 

20 minute 

walk/run within 

your 5k radius. 

GoNoodle website (choose a few 

activities online).


 Virtual Sports Day

The Challenges


Challenge no. 1. How many keepy uppies can you do? 




Challenge no. 2. Throw a ball behind you, over head into a hoop (bin, box      will do)


Challenge 3.    How long can you balance on one leg blind folded? 



Challenge 4. How many skips can you do without stopping?



Challenge 5. How far can you run in 20 seconds holding an egg & spoon? 



Challenge 6. How long can you sit for?


Challenge 7.    How many hurling keepy uppies can you do?   



Challenge 8. Can you crab walk around your garden or outdoor space?



Challenge 9. How many Jumping  jacks can you do in 1 minute? 

Challenge 10. Throw a ball into the air and see how many times you can clap, before catching the ball?                                                             


Challenge 11. Assume a plank pose in front of you partner. How many         times can you high 5 before giving up? 


Challenge 12.  Join up with a partner and see how long it takes you to do a lap of your garden or outdoor space?



Challenge 13. Standing with your  feet together and keeping them together. How far can you jump?  


Challenge 14. How far can you throw a welly in a garden or outdoor space?



  1. Complete 5-7 challenges to achieve a Bronze certificate
  2. Complete 8-10 challenges to achieve a Silver certificate
  3. Complete 11 + challenges to achieve a Gold certificate



Take a photograph of some of your challenges, get your parents’ permission and email them to your teacher.




Good luck and enjoy the week!


Congratulations to all our Gold certificate winners

3rd class
Jude Connolly
Ciara Flynn Caballero
Thea Smith
Darja Meksa
Grace Doran 
Liam Teague
Sienna Keegan
Julia Keegan
Jessica Clow
Jack Lyon
Lauren McCabe

4th class

Leah Roche
Wil O’ Connor
Conor Murphy

Matthew Keogh
Ruairí Cummins
Ryan Duggan
Zoe Harman
5th class
Daniel King
Ryan Keegan
Sara Nugent
6th class
Dylan Clow
Pauric O’Connor
Well done to the boys and girls for taking part
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