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Active Schools Flag

Active School Flag 2023/24


St. Mary’s S.N.S is once again working hard to get everybody active in the school. Have a look at all the exciting work that we’ve been doing


Active School Flag 2023/24

As another active year at St. Mary’s  S.N.S gets off to a great start, here is all our exciting news.

Active Flag Committee

Introducing our new committee

Ms. Byrne’s 3rd class- Darragh Hudson

Ms. Beaubien’s  3rd class- Luke Raftery 

Ms. Nugent’s 3rd class- Muhab Kseibat 

Ms. Lucas’ 4th class- Damir Kurachkin

Ms. Murphy’s  4th class- Senan O’ Brien

Ms. O’Sullivan’s 4th class – Sophie Horan

Ms. Gilligan’s 5th class-   Noah Flynn

Mr. Forde’s 5th class- Caoilainn keogh

Ms Steedman’’s 5th class – Penny Boylan 

Ms. Nugent’s 6th class –  Cara O’ Reilly 

Ms. Kenny’s 6th class- Noah Byrne 

Ms. Sheward’s 6th class- Alex Byrne 

Ms. Murphy’s 6th class- Stephen Caldwell 

Each class elected one committee member to represent them on the ASF committee for the coming school year. The committee also has a number of teacher representatives: Ms. Hogan, Ms. Kenny, Ms E. Murphy, Ms C Murphy, Ms. Morris  & Ms Byrne.


Valleymount Cross Country Athletics 

We were delighted to take part in the annual  cross country event  in Valleymount N.S. Children  from 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th classes represented St. Mary’s on the day.  Even the weather was kind to us all for once! The children ran in some very tough races and were delighted with the new running track at the school. We had two individual winners, Eoghan Fitzgerald from 6th class and Sophie Horan from 4th. The school also won two team medals, with 4th and 6th class girls winning silver and bronze at the event. Everyone from St. Mary’s were so well behaved and a pleasure to bring to the event.Representing the school on the day were


6th Class

Eoghan Fitzgerald                                                                                                     

Harry Lindsay                                                                                                               

Sam Hayes                                                                                                                 

Molly Daniels                                                                                                               

Cara King                                                                                                                   

Emma Vickers

5th Class

Morgan Earl                                           

Noah Flynn                                                                                                             

Charlie Cronin                                                                                                         

Rachel Conroy                                                                                                         

Síofra Pender                                                                                                       

Caoilainn Keogh



4th Class

Brody  McNulty 

Ali Simemba

Cian Keogh

Sophie Horan

 Kayla Cassidy 



3rd Class

Bobby Breslin                                                                                                           

Robert Paluch                                                                                                             

Jake O’Connor                                                                                                           

Amy Kelly Harney                                                                                                     

Sofia Thompson                                                                                                         

Jorja Tyrell


Active November 

This month marks the start of the Active break challenge. Each class in the school has registered to take part in the event and get active during class for at least 10 minutes every day. The children will watch a video each day and will be put through their paces by the Irish Olympians leading the campaign. The ASF committees will be filling out the Active challenge charts recording their class progress . The initiative runs from the 13th Of November until the 8th of December. We will keep everyone updated as the month progresses. .

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