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Sport in St. Mary's

Physical Education
The Primary PE curriculum is made up of six strands as follows

  • Aquatics
    • Athletics
    • Dance
    • Games
    • Gymnastics
    • Outdoor & Adventure

At St. Mary’s S.N.S. we ensure that all classes get their allocated 60 minutes of PE each week and that each of the strands of the curriculum is covered in some way, throughout the year. We follow the Land P.A.W.S. water safety programme with each year group in the summer term.


Our PE plan is set out to ensure that everyone can practise and improve their Fundamental Movement Skills 


PE Yearly Overview 

Fundamental Movement Skills & Strands

Strands  3rd Class  4th Class  5th Class 6th Class
Sept/Oct Games  Running   &


Striking with the hand & Catching Running & Kicking Striking with an implement & Catching

Pg. 165-178 


Pg. 137-149


Pg. 165-178 

Pg. 193-206

Pg. 137-149



Gymnastics Landing Balancing Landing Balancing
pg.122-135 Pg. 109-121 pg.122-135 Pg. 109-121


Dance Skipping Hopping Skipping Hopping
Pg. 46-59 Pg. 33-45 Pg. 46-59 Pg. 33-45


Athletics Jumping for height

& Running

Jumping for distance & Throwing  Jumping for height

& Running

Jumping for distance & Throwing
pg.60-79 Pg. 151-164 pg.60-79 Pg. 151-164




Dodging  Side Stepping/   Dodging Side stepping/
pg.80-93 Pg.94-108 pg.80-93 Pg.94-108




Revisit Previous Movements  Revisit Previous Movements Revisit Previous Movements Revisit Previous Movements



PE Equipment     

  1. .Basketballs
  2. Orienteering packs 
  3.  Frisbee
  4.  tennis rackets 
  5.  tennis balls 
  6.  large cones 
  7.  Skipping ropes 
  8.  Tag Rugby belts 
  9.  Rugby balls 
  10. Gymnastics folder
  11. Yoga/gymnastics mats 
  12. Circuits posters 
  13. Hurdles ( Tall, low) 
  14. Agility  ladders, 
  15. Agility drills pack
  16.  GAA balls 
  17. Soccer balls 
  18. Tug of war ropes 
  19.  orange,light blue,yellow, black, dark blue, red & green bibs
  20. Athletics relay pack ( batons, rings )
  21.  Hoops
  22. dome markers 
  23. bean bags
  24. Small free standing cones
  25. Olympics pack – discs, hammers, weighted balls


Each year pupils from St Mary’s  take part in a cross country athletics event in St Joseph’s Ns Valleymount (Oct). The trials for this event took place in the school grounds at the end of September. These were open to all pupils and are always very popular, with well over half the school taking part. Once the trials had taken place 32 pupils, 4 boys and 4 girls from each year group, were then selected to represent the school at the events mentioned above. We had a very successful day in Valleymount with some fantastic individual performances. We also had great success in our team performances with 5th class girls placing third, 5th class boys came second and finally 6th class boys came third in their category.

Later in the year the school also takes part in the Greystones track and field event (May). This involves activities such as sprints, distance running, relay, long jump (3rd &4th), high jump (5th& 6th), javelin, turbo javelin and tug of war. The trials for these events take place during our Active school’s week. Again these are open to all and are very popular with our pupils. After the trials 176 pupils are chosen to represent the school at the event. 


Tag rugby
We are very lucky in St Mary’s S.N.S. to have a visiting tag rugby coach who will work with our 5th class pupils this year .  These sessions will start in April and run until the end of May.  Each session will involve warm ups and skills such as ball handling, passing, running with the ball, receiving a pass, tagging and scoring a try. The children are really looking forward to this. 




GAA 5 Star Initiative
Ms. Morris & Mr. Forde registered the school to take part in the GAA 5 Star initiative. This aims to support and recognise Primary schools that provide 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous Gaelic games to pupils every week. Schools that deliver a programme that is age appropriate and meets the developmental needs of the children will be recognised as “GAA 5 Star centres”. They must also undertake to deliver the following activities throughout the school year
• Have a ball
• Fun & Run
• Catch & Kick
• Strike it
• Go Games
• Go games skills challenge


The school was awarded its GAA 5 star centre status in 2020


Lunchtime Leagues

Once again we have been very lucky to have lunchtime leagues organised throughout the year  by Mr Forde and Ms Morris. The leagues are divided into two parts.  Third and fourth classes compete against each  and fifth and sixth classes compete for their title . The leagues are open to all children who wish to take part. The activities were soccer, GAA and badminton. The winners and runners up in each of the leagues, are presented with their prizes at the assemblies each term. Mr. Forde is currently running a hurling league with all year groups. Thanks to both Ms. Morris and Mr. Forde for giving so generously of their time. 



Some photos of our  badminton tournament

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